A Chinese Rebel beyond the Great Wall: The Cultural Revolution and Ethnic Pogrom in Inner Mongolia

Authored by: TJ Cheng, Uradyn E. Bulag, and Mark Selden
A striking first-person account of the Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia, embedded in a close examination of the historical evidence on China’s minority nationality policies to the present. During the Great Leap Forward, as hundreds of thousands of Chinese famine refugees headed to Inner Mongolia, Cheng Tiejun arrived in 1959... Read more >>

Gifts in the Age of Empire: Ottoman-Safavid Cultural Exchange, 1500-1639

Authored by: Sinem Arcak Casale
When the Safavid dynasty, founded in 1501, built a state that championed Iranian identity and Twelver Shi’ism, it prompted the more established Ottoman Empire to align itself definitively with Sunni legalism. The political, religious, and military conflicts that arose have since been widely studied, but little attention has been paid... Read more >>

Daemons Are Forever: Contacts and Exchanges in the Eurasian Pandemonium

Authored by: David Gordon White
A richly illustrated tapestry of interwoven studies spanning some six thousand years of history, Dæmons Are Forever is at once a record of archaic contacts and transactions between humans and protean spirit beings—dæmons—and an account of exchanges, among human populations, of the science of spirit beings: dæmonology. Since the time... Read more >>

The Compensations of Plunder: How China Lost Its Treasures

Authored by: Justin M. Jacobs
From the 1790s until World War I, Western museums filled their shelves with art and antiquities from around the world. These objects are now widely regarded as stolen from their countries of origin, and demands for their repatriation grow louder by the day. In The Compensations of Plunder, Justin M.... Read more >>

Islam and World History: The Ventures of Marshall Hodgson

Islam and World History: The Ventures of Marshall Hodgson Book
Edited by: Edmund Burke and Robert J. Mankin
Published in 1974, Marshall Hodgson’s The Venture of Islam was a watershed moment in the study of Islam. By locating the history of Islamic societies in a global perspective, Hodgson challenged the orientalist paradigms that had stunted the development of Islamic studies and provided an alternative approach to world history. Edited by... Read more >>

Sacred Mandates: Asian International Relations Since Chinggis Khan

Sacred Mandates: Asian International Relations Since Chinggis Khan Book
Edited by: Timothy Brook, Michael van Walt van Praag, Miek Boltjes
Contemporary discussions of international relations in Asia tend to be tethered in the present, unmoored from the historical contexts that give them meaning. Sacred Mandates, edited by Timothy Brook, Michael van Walt van Praag, and Miek Boltjes, redresses this oversight by examining the complex history of inter-polity relations in Inner and... Read more >>